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Multiple Skype Accounts on Mac OS X

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I needed to run multiple Skype instances on Mac OS X and here is the way to do it.

1. Create a new user from System Configuration > Users.

2. Login with this new user, might not be necessary, but I did it to see if everything is ok.

3. Go back to your normal user and open a Terminal.

4. Type su newuser. It will ask for the user’s password. Replace newuser with the user you created

5. Type /Applications/ and the new Skype instance should appear in the dock

You have to leave the Terminal open, if you close the terminal the other Skype will close. Also note, that preferences and files are saved in the newuser‘s directory.

nohup /Applications/ might also work to run Skype in the background so it’s not closed when the terminal is closed. Hope it saves you some time.




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  1. Great it works perfect!

  2. tkx for that, but i can not make it working get always teh error Eine andere Instanz von Skype läuft bereitsEine andere Instanz von Skype läuft bereits

    means, another skype is running already…..

    • @matt : Your skype already open, please check status bar. If it is not showing, go to your another account and logout skype then come back to current account and try again. Hope this help.

  3. @Muzammil: I want to access facebook through skype on mac os how could it possible at my mac systen there was no skype home symbol so how could i do it.

    Thanks in advance

    • @Dinesh : Make sure you are using Skype 5.4 or above version.
      1. Login to Skype
      2. In menu bar click Contacts -> Show Facebook Friends
      3. In the Facebook tab click Connect to Facebook.

  4. On Windows, Skype.exe has an option “/secondary” for those purposes. See

    Haven’t tried it on my Mac though.

  5. Looks like the noHup version works too. Terminal window closed and Skype still running.

  6. Thanks for the post.

    Here’s a quicker one liner:

    sudo -u your-username -b /Applications/

  7. The problem with this solution is that any files sent or URL’s included get saved/opened in the “other” user. I used it for awhile but when the iPad version finally started accepting images I just started using that for my secondary.

  8. Here is very simple and reliable way to launch two Skype applications:


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