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How to generate Promotional Codes for your iOS app.

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Sometimes you need to share your paid iOS apps with your family and friends in free of cost. Apple has given an option to create free promo codes for your paid apps. So you can distribute this in your circle. Follow below steps to produce max 50 promotional codes for any iOS app.

1. Goto (login in your developer account).
2. Select “Manage Your Application” option.
3. Select your iOS app. Then select “View Detail” (below the icon of your app).
4. Select Blue button “Promo Codes”.
5. Enter number of codes that your required. This will create/download a text file in your download folder or path given by you.

NOTE : You can create max 50 promo codes for current version of your app. For next version you can again create 50.
User downloaded the app via promo code, can’t give feedback/rating on iTunes.
Each promo code can be used only one time.
Promo code will expire in 2 months.
Don’t forget to share your app’s promo code with me 🙂

!! Enjoy !!


About Muzammil

Over the past 6 years, I have designed, developed and managed over 150 iPhone/iPad applications for many large-scale clients, some include Rolex, Ford, Makemark LLC, Source Digital Production, IT City (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), R.Ø.S.A. Creation etc. These applications ranged from simple navigation bar application to high end user interface design for image processing, simple games with Core Graphics and OpenGL. Before started Triffort Technologies i was working in Ampere Software Pvt Ltd as a senior iOS Developer. I was the first employe of Ampere who started iPhone/iPad development in the company. In ampere i worked on some complex apps like Boxboss, Austin Post, User Tracking etc. Throughout my career, I have used Core Graphics, OpenGL, SQLite, Core Data, JSON, XML etc. I am very proficient in many design programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, iMove. Although I am very knowledgeable in all Adobe Products. Most the time i am designing my apps without taking help from any graphics designer. I love to make app from my designs. It feels great when you are creating app from scratch and no body else is involve in your ideas. You are free to do anything. As the Senior Developer and Team lead at Triffort Technologies, I managed a team of Technical Interactive Developers and Designers. As their manager I am responsible for scheduling, resource management, task reviews, process development and enhancements, employee reviews and new employee hiring. I believe good employee morale and communication are key factors to successful, creative work, therefore, positive feedback was part of my daily routine. But most of the time you can find me on my desk writing codes for some app. I love programming. This is my passion. I’m a team player. I am a motivated individual who enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new technologies. I am well organized and a proficient multi-tasker. I have strong problem solving skills such as the ability to use technology in creative ways to meet unique project requirements. I love to be challenged and I always have a positive outlook no matter how tight the deadline is. If you would like to contact me or find out more about my experience, please contact me at or you can Skype me at muz.iphonedev.

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